The Grand Day Out


WE can announce that a Scotland-based charity set up to support soldiers injured in battle has formed an association with The Grand Day Out to further reinvigorate the lives of people with life-changing injuries.

HORSEBACK UK has become a pioneering charity in bringing together servicemen and women from all over the UK to its stables in the spectacular north of Scotland. Launched by former marine Jock Hutchison and his wife Emma Hutchison, Horseback UK has become widely known as a haven for  injured servicemen and women, a place that affords not only a break from clinical recovery, but also the opportunity to recover mentally and start to consider a new future outside of HM Forces.

Jock stated: "I think what we have seen in the past 15 years is guys and girls making it home that wouldn’t have made it home 15 years ago. With this change comes a responsibility in my opinion, because there is no point in fixing a person if you don't give him or her a future."

Full story here. This behind-the-scenes BBC Scotland documentary, presented by Jackie Bird, follows Jay's and the Horseback story from Afghanistan to Aberdeenshire. Some viewers may find scenes in this film upsetting.



The Grand Day Out hosted another successful golf day at The Duke's Course in St Andrews, with some great golf - and a particularly inspiring chip-in as captured on film below - terrific camaraderie and humour, and a wonderful night of food and entertainment. Teams of golfers and celebrities joined our injured servicemen and women and were thrilled by golf's no1 trick-shot master Dean Davis, a testing Duke's Course, the rising star that is teenage singer Megan Adams and the Leuchars Military Wives Choir.

"Thank you to all who supported the event," said organiser Major (Retd) Tim Grantham, "from the great staff at The Duke's to our wonderful sponsors, the golfers and our entertainers. It was another fantastic day and we will have raised another valuable amount to put towards supporting more 'Grand Days Out' for injured servicemen and women."

One of the competing former servicemen, Stewart Harris, added: "It was a fantastic event, once again, and the effort people put in to support people like myself who are working hard just to cope with life after the effects of war is truly humbling. Everyone who was involved needs to know that the 'Grand Day Out' plays a massive part in helping us to rehabilitate and find a sense of purpose again in life. So thank you."

The Grand Day Out Golf Day - 'Shot of the Day' from David Ferguson on Vimeo.


We give members of our Armed Forces who have suffered life-changing injuries an amazing opportunity to experience the wonders of some of the world's leading sporting events and sporting stars the chance to appreciate the Armed Forces.



The Grand Day Out sends it support to one of our most popular supporters - the indestructible Rick Clement - after the former '2 Lancs' Sergeant stepped out again today.